I believe horses can be great teachers.

But, all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons. We force when we ought to feel.
We whip when we ought to yield. Equine Inspired Coaching - Horse Herd On The RunWe struggle when we ought to partner.

We groom, rule + ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom
and profound intuition. Or our own, for that matter.

When we treat horses as our equals — our partner-beings + soul-companions — we can cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating with all living beings.

When we treat horses as our teachers — and sometimes, our willful students — we can experience true mindfulness: a state of being joyfully present, focused + aware.

Whether you’re a horse lover, or simply a lover of natural beauty, I’m here to help you catch a glimpse of a higher consciousness, a greater truth when you meet horses in the now.

Nicole, you hit the nail on the head with Phoenix. He's a different horse. He knows we heard him.

Meet Your Horse In The Now

Horses have an innate and gentle way of teaching us life's most valuable lessons.
If you notice in the illustration, one thing that separates us dramatically is that we humans spend a lot of time in our heads often missing the joys around us and missing out in connecting with our horses.

We have a lot to learn from these amazing creatures.


And, if you live - or work - with horses ... I can't wait to show you how to connect
with horses like never before.

I'll teach you how to give back to your four-legged co-facilitators,
the healers of your program.

And I'll share simple ways of collecting and interpreting the information your horse so freely provides, to help you raise your awareness so you become a meaningful
 partner for your horse. At home and at work.

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A Mindfully Connected Organization
Animals can teach us how to bring a group of people, heading in unison, toward the same goal. In a herd of wild horses or a pack of wolves each individual member has their unique talents, and with that, a role that adds to the benefits of the greater good.

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Imagine the individuals in your organization comfortable and confident in their skills and capabilities, and their goals fully aligned with those of your organization. All individuals speak the same language, make decisions from the same principles and use the same process to come to mindful solutions. 

As a result, communication improves, problems are solved within moments, and a mindful culture is established, allowing projects to move forward like a 
well-oiled machine

If that sounds like a fantasy, let me assure you, it isn't.



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