Nicole Talks About The 6 Episode Webinar Series

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Nicole Talks about the horse logic 6 episode webinar


You can still enroll! 
The HORSE LOGIC Webinar series is still open for enrollment.  Every session is recorded, when you sign up you will get access to the first recording "Meet Your Horse In The Now" and the supplemental materials I have provided so far. Our next live call is on April 1st ... we will be talking about how we to create balance between Work & Play with our horses

This educational webinar series is for equine professionals, equine advocates, and horse owners who are tired of the dominance approach of traditional horsemanship and instead are seeking an open dialog with the horse.

To understand horses, their behaviors, and needs we need to explore the world through the horse’s eyes. We need to clear our minds of worries and ego and become absorbed in the moment, fully devoted to ourselves and the horse who's breathing right there at our side.

The Horse Logic Educational Webinar Series consists of 6 live webinars that are the foundation to deepening our connection with horses by meeting them in the now and seeing the world from their perspective.  As we become present and raise our awareness, we’ll tap into the power of intuition, build immediate rapport, and bring our relationship with any horse to new heights. 

Each webinar is 90 min. long, and offers a mix of groundbreaking perspectives, case studies, and hands-on mindful activities. The webinars are conducted live via video conferencing and recordings will be made available for all participants after each webinar.


Episode 1 - Meet Your Horse in the Now ... and build effective and meaningful rapport
Horses are always ready to connect with us when we meet them where they live - in the now.
In that space, you develop rapport which encourages the horse to communicate and engage.
Meeting the horse in the now is exciting and enriching and offers you both the greatest potential for teaching and learning.



Episode 2 - Horses & Humans ... horses can be great teachers. Honor their wisdom and yours.
Horses can be great teachers. But all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons. We force when we ought to feel. We push when we ought to yield. We struggle when we ought to partner. We groom, rule + ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom + profound intuition. And our own, for that matter. When we treat horses as our equals — our partner-beings + soul-companions — we can cultivate new ways of connecting + communicating with all living beings.



Episode 3 - Herd Dynamics ... acknowledging their roles challenges traditional leadership idea
What is each horse’s role in the herd? Understanding and acknowledging their roles challenges the traditional idea of leadership. Raising our awareness and becoming present for the more subtle on-going’s in the herd will make us a true contributor to the well-being of our horses.


Episode 4 - Work & Play ... be creative, intuitive, and present
There is never enough play in our life or the lives of our horses.
Especially when you and your horse are successful in the show ring or your own backyard, or have become effective co-facilitators in the therapy field, you both  deserve some mental breaks and play time.
When we play, we and our horse release pent up energy. We become creative, spontaneous, intuitive, and present.




Episode 5 - Horses in Transition ... support them mindfully
Horses, more than any other domesticated animal go through many transitions during their lifetime. Other domestic pets usually stay with their owner until the animal dies. Horses, however, are often a commodity that is purchased to be traded, sold after the rider reaches a certain age or goal, or given away when it is retired and no longer useful.  When we mindfully consider the horse and its nature, we have an opportunity to hone our skills as empathic, careful observers to provide much better support during transitions.  

Episode 6 - Balancing Chakras ... support your horse's well-being

Horses in domestic settings are constantly and consistently subjected to circumstances that are unnatural for an animal of prey. Most housing situations limit horses' ability to move freely. Herd mates are selected by humans. Isolation and space limitations keep horses from resolving herd related issues and confrontations. The horse's workload is defined by human will, time, and ability. Being held in an environment that works against the horse's nature creates tension and stress for the horse's nervous system. By balancing our horse's Chakra's (energy centers) we support their nervous system and offer well-being.

PATH Members earn CE's (Continuing Education Credits)


The complete  6-Episode Series 

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You’ll receive leading-edge information you won’t find in training manuals, 
and learn hands-on tools you can apply right away.
 Plus, in each webinar, we will discuss a case study to broaden our perspective and explore
how to provide well-being to any horse.    



PATH Members earn CE's (Continuing Education Credits) 

The complete 6-Episode Series 

$ 249... 
Click Here

(Paypal will redirect you to a registration page once payment is wait for it!)

  • Receive perspectives, insights, facts, and figures you won’t find in training manuals.
  • Learn hands-on tools you can apply the very next day.
  • Discuss a case study brought to my attention by a participant.
  • Receive a recording of the webinar, and supplemental information pertaining to each webinar topic (article, video, audio).
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About Nicole

I am an Equine Communication Specialist, writer, speaker, and educator, who teaches equine professionals across the US
how to approach the horse with a calm and present mind in order to become a powerful listener and
compassionate communicator with each equine.

Nicole and Cutter

I teach and work from the horse’s perspective so you, the practitioner, or horse specialist, can more fully and clearly understand
 the effects domestic environments have on equines, and how you can provide wellness and support.

Considering the horse from this point of view is changing the equine-human relationship and provides a leading-edge and advantage to equine professionals across the US.