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Animals + Me: A Love Story.

As a young girl in Germany, animals were my playmates, my confidantes, and my peers.
I felt more like ‘myself’ in their company than with most human beings.

Did I talk to animals? Of course.
Did they talk back? Most definitely.

A surprise job opportunity carried me to New York City, at age 23. I spoke 50 words of English, and carried vocabulary cards in my purse to guide me through the tangled urban jungle. I remember the steel, the smoke, and being booted out of a bagel shop because I couldn’t order fast enough. I loved the speed, the intensity + the energy.

But I missed – especially – horses.

Five years later, I found myself with a high-powered advertising job — and a volunteer position at a therapeutic riding center on the Upper West Side. I was thrilled to be back with my equine companions, and dreamed of devoting my life to their protection + care.

Apparently, dreams do come true.

I became the director of the riding center, raising half a million dollars for a new equine-therapy facility. I witnessed the incredible healing power of horses — their ability to calm, soothe + empower nearly everyone who visited the center . . . from alcoholics + troubled teens, to the blind, deaf + mute.

Nicole Birkholzer Mindful Connections

And I added new skills to my toolkit — Life Coach Training with renowned Masters.

I fell deeper + deeper in love with my work — and with my horses.
But something wasn’t quite aligned.

It took me years to realize that I wasn’t an equine coach who happened to practice mindfulness — I was a mindfulness coach who happened to partner with horses, cats, dogs + goats.

That subtle distinction changed everything — and Mindful Connections® was born.

Today, my horses and I share how to live mindfully through the Mindful Connections Principles +  MC Wheel. I spend a lot of time helping therapy horses, I facilitate Mindful Connections workshops at equine therapy centers  + at any barn that wants to bring more mindful interactions to their boarders. 

I developed mindfulness courses, for horse people, and for those that like to incorporate the mindful wisdom of horses into their daily life “Take Your Life From Mind-Full to Mindful”.

In my book Pet Logic - See the world through your pet's eyes - and experience your life through a beautiful new lens I reveal the wisdom that lies within our furry and feathery companions. In addition I travel to speak about it all at events and conferences. 

I share stories from the heart  right here on my blog and my writing is regularly featured in local + national magazines, newspapers + a few gorgeous blogs.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of active listening + compassionate living.

Stay open + curious.

David Milos 
From an early age I decided to live life to its fullest. Having big visions, and growing up in an entrepreneurial household, I went out - and succeeded - to build million dollar businesses. Intrigued with innovation, I developed web-based software before anybody knew about the thing called "internet", and continue my search for ideas that can set businesses apart.

As the business director of two non-profit organizations: Dreamkeepers, an online business that captured and preserved indigenous intelligence and stories, and Blue Star Equiculture, a draft horse sanctuary, I tapped into ancient knowledge and wisdom that continues to lead my way. 

When I partnered with Nicole in 2011, to bring the Equine Wellness Expo to life, I resonated strongly with the philosophy behind Mindful Connections and the Mindful Connections Wheel. I felt fulfilled seeing how my professional and personal experiences complimented and enhanced the expansion of Mindful Connections.

As they say, the rest is history.
Today, Nicole and I are life and work partners.
We not only approach each day, each project, each challenge with a mindful attitude, but we also teach others how a mindful connection offers a joyous and peaceful connection with all life. 

At Nicole's talks and workshops across the US you'll find me behind the camera, and when Nicole facilitates her 1:1 Equine Inspired Coaching sessions, or a workshop at our Vermont Mountain Retreat, I support her together with our magnificent horses, fun-believable cats, our head & heart-strong goat, and our fun-loving puppy.

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Monday, June 8, 2015 11:04:32 PM
Hi Nicole! I need some advice and a recommendation, please. I have always loved essential oils, and have just a bit of experience with them. My interest has recently been reinvigorated by a lovely gal who is involved with the Young Living company, and I'm considering buying from the company at the membership level. I thought I had a prejudice towards Young Living because I recalled that they started on their website that they were the only ones with authentic "therapy grade" oils. I searched around the web and found several really cool companies that sell therapeutic grade oils. Then I checked back on Young Living's site and saw no mention of therapeutic grade at all! So I got a little confused! I think Young Living is a fine company but I'm a little hesitant to "join" because I found that I can get their oils from Amazon, seemingly from them themselves! And much cheaper! I really like the philosophy and prices, and can find them on Amazon cheaper, as well. My question to you is, which oils do you use, and which ones do you recommend? And, given what I said about my findings on the websites and Amazon, what are your recommendations with regard to purchasing? I can imagine that you are quite busy, and I respect your time, but I'm hoping that you are able to take some time out to help me with your personal opinions on all I've said. Thank you so very much! I look forward to your reply :) Truly, Christina ~*~
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 12:14:16 PM


so sorry I just saw your comment, somehow my web manager didn;t send me a notification.

Here is what I know, the key to therapeutic oils is the frequency of the oil, measured in MHz. Our natural state of well being is measured at about 62-68 MHz, when we get sick the frequency declines. You want to use oils that are of that frequency or higher, because that will make it therapeutic.

I use Young Living Oils because that was the brand I was introduced to through my teacher/mentor Nan Martin. The Young Living oils operate on a frequency between 52-320 MHz. If you find oils that vibrate at that level or higher ... great.

Also, you can always line up a few that are of equal quality and then muscle test which brand is most complimentary for your purpose. 

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 4:46:59 PM

Hi Nicole,

 My name is Kristin Correia and I was given your name by a customer of my business. I was wondering if I could ask you to do a session with my dog Luna. She is a Chihuhua who is blind in her right eye and sometimes I can't understand her as hard as I try. Shes very delicate and timid and I just want to communicate with her better. If you could reach out to me my number is 508-991-1071. I would appreciate it so much.



Kristin Correia


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