Decision Making Skills

This is the tool to get your life back on track.
And, to lift your relationship with your Self, horse, or hound to new heights.


I spent decades observing, documenting and analyzing what makes a good relationship - internally and externally - and developed a tool that improves your decision-making skills and rapport instantaneously:

                Mindful Connection Wheel Decision Making,Problem Solving and Stress Reduction Tool

The Mindful Connections Wheel is nothing short of a miracle . . . and here is why:

::  It helped me save Jesse's life - a 32 year old draft horse in dire
     need of TLC. Saving Jesse became the catalyst for creating
     the Mindful Connections Wheel.

::  It helped clients gain clarity to find dream homes, get through cancer      
     surgery without despair, resolved decade-old family issues, and
     re-ignited relationships that seemed doomed.

:: The MC Wheel  has guided me through health issues, and helped me
 stay clear  +  compassionate while I went through my divorce.
:: And ... seeing the world through their animals eyes has connected
    hundreds of people more deeply with their kitty, hound and horse.

When you feel stuck, the Wheel gets you moving (making decisions becomes actually fun!). And, the Wheel also helps you find the right words when you are dealing with a sticky situation.

As you can see . . . the applications are endless.

If you are looking to become more
clear + confident in your 
decision making,
and if you want to be effective + save time ... 
head over to People Services or Pet Owners and let's mindfully connect!

"It is amazing how the wisdom of The Mindful Connections Wheel helps with the most minute and the most monumental challenges."Stephanie From Mass Horse Magazine making Decisions with The MC Wheel
Stephanie Sanders, publisher 




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"I cannot begin to describe
how this practice has
impacted my life"
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