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Let your horse teach you about yourself,
for you may be at the age where no one else can. 

- Anonymous -

Over the last two decades, I have worked and played with many horses, and many Nicole & Shana Horse Servicesbreeds, across the US. And, no matter where I’ve been, or whom I worked with, I’ve made some fundamental observations:

Horses want to connect. Horses want to be seen and treated as individuals, and respected as our partners. And, horses are looking to expand our consciousness.

It is up to us to open ourselves to the wisdom the horses are offering us so we can enter an equally enriching relationship for us both. And that's why I developed several horse services..

Having spent the last two decades observing and working with horses - the true masters of mindfulness- I distilled everything I've learned into 5 Mindful Principles and the  Mindful Connections Wheel.

Mindful Connection Wheel Decision Making,Problem Solving and Stress Reduction Tool           Mindful Connection Wheel Decision Making,Problem Solving and Stress Reduction Tool

Applying the 5 Mindful Connections Principles to your relationship with your horse will deepen your relationships in an instant. Moving through the steps of the Mindful Connections Wheel  will guide you to mindful decisions.


Horse Services

Meet Your Horse In The Now And Take Your Life From Mind-Full To Mindful.

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Horse Services Take Your Life From Mind Full to Mindful

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