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FAQs General

What is a Mindful Connection?
I came up with the name Mindful Connections to express how it feels when we relate to another being in compassionate and considerate ways. For me being mindful is not just being aware, but acting in accordance to what I am aware of. If I see my cat scratching herself day after day I am aware that she is itchy. If I take her to the vet or get her a remedy I am mindful. I acted in accordance to my observation.
Why are Mindful connections so important? 
They build relationships. Each Mindful Connection is the foundation for the next deeper stride into a relationship. A relationship with yourself, or with others. With others you share a conversation – verbally or non-verbally - exchange information and then act accordingly and therefore mindfully. By doing so you build confidence in the other, it shows that you are trustworthy. Maybe right away, maybe after a few mindful connections. 
What does the Mindful Connections website offer?

The website is - metaphorically speaking - a hardware store that offers you the tools you need to bring mindfulness into your busy life. The 5 Mindful Principles and the MC Wheel are the two tools you’ll need to change your life from mind-full to mindful.
The articles, videos and podcasts I created are your DIY’s sources. The examples are never meant to say that they are the best, or only way, to apply the tools, they're just one version of how to approach a certain situation or challenge. 

For whom will Mindful Connections not work?
If you are more attached to living life through struggle rather than mindfulness this is not for you. But, if you have the desire to experience peace and calm instead of drama you're in the right place. 
Who can benefit from Mindful Connections?
Anybody! Whose mind wouldn’t benefit from going from mind-full to mindful? See what I mean? Anybody will feel better with less worry, and more energy. You can simply start incorporating the 5 Mindful Principles to your life and see their positive effect. And, when faced with a challenge, hop on the MC wheel to help get your mind organized.

FAQs Website

How can we hire Nicole to speak at our event?
Yes! Head over here and tell me more about you and your organization, academic program or event, and if the timing is right – I’ll be there. For more information about hiring Nicole for a speaking event click here...
What is the content of a talk by Nicole?
In my talks I explain the benefits of the 5 Mindful Principles and/or the MC Wheel and how your business or service will benefit from incorporating them into your daily life and work.  Watch me in action  
Can we implement the MC principles into the culture of our organization?
Definitely. That’s why we offer Mindful Connections Licensing. Jump over to the licensing page and contact us so we can get you started.
Can my business benefit from MC?
If you believe “when we feel better we do better” your business will definitely benefit from Mindful Connections. Once everybody practices the Mindful Connections approach, the internal and external communication of your organization will improve and that will save time. And, your people will be less stressed and more energetic, and with that your service will mindfully improve.
Can we teach our employees how to use the MC Wheel?
Our goal is to spread the benefits of Mindful Connections. Here are your options: Purchase a Mindful Connections License for your organization and we’ll come and teach the Mindful Connections approach to your employees. You can also wait for the online courses we are currently developing and offer them to your people. Or, hire me for a speaking engagement in which I will adapt the Mindful Connections approach to your business culture.
Do you offer an online course?
Soooooon. We’re working on it. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know.
Can I hire Nicole to be my Life Coach?
Right now I am committed to spreading the word about Mindful Connections, that means I teach more than I coach. But, while I teach the Mindful Connections approach coaching is always part of the deal.  
When you bring Mindful Connections to your business coaching is included ;-)
Why is a comment I posted not showing up on the website?
Because we’re taking a quick look at all comments. Assuming you made a mindful comment or asked a mindful question expect them to show up shortly.
When can I expect an answer to the questions I sent in?
Our intent is to be mindful and get back to you within 48 hours.
Can I download audio files from the Listen Library to play on my phone or ipod?
Absolutely. Here is how: We use SoundCloud for all our audio content. Next to the title of the audio file is the SoundCloud logo,under that logo you will find a down pointing arrows(see image below), click on that arrow and the system will ask you where you want to download the audio clip. Select the file you want to save the audio clip in and click Save.Mindful Connections Audio download
What will you use my contact information for?
To send you my newsletters. You’ll get blog updates, information on upcoming events and workshops and courses. We will not sell your information. Promise.
Can I remove my contact information from your mailing list?
Anytime. Just click on unsubscribe and follow the directions.

FAQs MC People

How can Mindful Connections affect my relationship with people?
The 5 Mindful Principles will help you improve your communication. You will accept things for what they are. You will be clear about your needs and wants, and will understand others better. The result is: less struggle, better interactions.
Can Mindful Connections benefit my relationship with my significant other?
Especially if you’re both practicing the 5 Mindful Principles and the MC Wheel you’ll see your relationship go from ordinary to extraordinary. Less confusion, more clarity. Fewer assumptions, more understanding. The benefits are priceless. 
Can Mindful Connections benefit my relationship with my child?
Absolutely. All 5 MC Principles will help you create a better connection. And, once you understand and apply the value of Mindful Principle 4. Being student and teacher interchangeably, you will see an immediate shift in your relationship with your child.

FAQs MC Pets

What is a Mindful Connections with my horse?

The steps to a Mindful Connection are as follows:

- > Become present and aware

->  Collect Information (through compassion and empathy)

 -> Draw a conclusion

-> Follow through with an action

-> Reevaluate

What’s wonderful about this approach is that we are never wrong. At times horse owners are very certain that they are right about what they are doing. Or they are afraid of doing something wrong that they are paralyzed and do nothing. There is no right or wrong ways. There are always many options.

If we have good intentions and pick an action that is seemingly aligned with the information we have gathered it will either work for the horse, or it won’t. If it doesn’t it simply means we have not yet understood what the horse tried to convey to us. That happens in the best relationships. How often do we misunderstand the people that speak the same language as we? 

I urge you, don’t be afraid … if you stay present with the horse, meaning, if you watch intently how the horse responds to your suggestion, you will often get the next communication clue. When you see through their eyes, feel of their body, and connect spirit to spirit Mindful Connections occur naturally.

Who benefits from Mindful Connections?
You and your horse will. You, as you bring more awareness to your own body, mind and spirit. Your horse because it will be seen and heard by you and therefore can express itself wholeheartedly. It is met by a human that is willing and able to receive his communication. The two of you will benefit together as well. Being part of a relationship that is mindfully connected is sacred, indescribable, awe inspiring. 
How can Mindful Connections affect my relationship with my pets?
In my experience your relationship will be deeper. You will have better communication, your pet will start expressing itself, literally telling you what it needs. In general, anybody that has started to interact with their animal based on the 5 Mindful Principles has been amazed by the positive effect it had on their relationship. But, beware, as you open up the communication channels your animals will possibly share some opinions that might be surprising … or challenging. Here is an example

FAQs MC Planet

How can Mindful Connections affect my relationship with the planet?
I feel, as a species, we’re not very mindful with our planet. Considering that the planet is our daily support, literally holds us up, and is our resource for food and water we are not very compassionate toward it. I concerned about the recent dramatic weather changes, the sinkholes, and mudslides. And I hope to learn more about the effects we have on the planet, and how we can possibly change our way to be more mindful and with that create positive change. The MC Planet Edition is still sparse. But, I am excited to dive into this topic and share with you what I learn.

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