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Remember Templado?
The white stallion superstar of the hit show Cavalia?

Late in his career, Templado had a large protrusion on his back as a result of surgery.
is work with Cavalia was over, and though he was traveling with the crew, he couldn’t perform anymore.

That was true, until Cavalia arrived in Dallas, TX.
By sheer coincident (or divine intervention) Frederic Pignon (Templado’s owner and trainer) and Dr. Lance Wright, a chiropractor who developed Flowtrition, met.

Frederic invited Lance to visit with Templado to see if he could help by offering him Flowtrition, a gentle healing touch method that addresses the nervous system so the body has an chance to heal from within.

“ … When Lance connected with Templado, using his hands, he was not trying to fix his back, or to change it in any way.  The touches he made were an invitation to Templado's nervous system to make the changes it was ready to make.  By the next morning the protrusion was gone.  We can surmise that the body was holding tension as a result of the surgery, and after a Flow session with Lance, it was able to relax enough to shift the body and allow change.” Jeannette Wright 

When I got certified in Flowtrition 1+2 Horses/Humans, Lance told the above story and all practitioners were in awe.

Then Lance invited me to tell my story about Jesse, the 32 year old Percheron I had adopted in 2011. At that point Jesse’s hip was displaced, causing him to sway and stumble as he roamed our pastures. My friend Eve, a Flowtrition practitioner as well, came to treat Jesse, and within four treatments his hips were aligned and he was able to lie down and trot around for the next three years until his passing.

Jesse’s recovery was my inspiration to become a Flowtrition practitioner. The idea that our nervous system can be supported in a gentle self-healing way so muscles and bones can find their way back to their natural order is fascinating to me.

So often the restrictions in our body affect our horses and vice versa. My late horse Okie and I both had a hitch in our hip caused by prior accidents. Okie had issues with his left hip, my problem was on the right. And because of that we were holding a pattern of tension due to an emotional and physical trauma from long ago.

“ … Even though (the trauma) is over, and we have moved on, the body may be responding as if it is still occurring, because the nervous system was affected deeply.  Everything that we experience is communicated to us through the nervous system.  So the healthier the nervous system, the healthier the communication.  Giving the nervous system the opportunity to change is extremely beneficial on a physical and emotional level.” Jeannette Wright 

After Okie and I received a few Flowtrition treatments from Eve, we both re-connect with our bodies and with that improved the connection during our rides.


With the help of the Flowtrition treatment, Templado improved so much that he appeared - and stole the show - one last time at Cavalia's next stop in Vegas. Afterwards  he was officially retired to his home in France, were he passed away with Frederic by his side in 2014.

You and your horse can now benefit from Flowtrition sessions as well.

Flowtrition Session - With Your Horse At Your Barn

Your stress has many faces: multi-tasking, health crisis, money worries, riding accidents.
And your amazing nervous system helps you deal with stress, and your incredible body's holds the stress.  

Your horse's stress has many faces too: a new horse at the barn, being stalled, a challenging riding lesson, barking dogs, loud tractors, and injury.

As you can imagine, when both - you and your horse - come together, both nervous systems in fight or flight mode, you will not have the best connection.

During your Flowtrition session I will support you and your horse simultaneously. You will relax on a small treatment table, while your horse receives treatment hanging out in a stall or paddock at liberty.  Flowtrition can connect you and your horse deeply...physically, emotional and spiritually.

                                                                                    Please use the contact form below to book a session.

Flowtrition Session – You, Me + My Horses
If you love horses, but currently don’t have one in your life … come to my barn and receive a Flowtrition treatment supported by my horses. 

We all experience stress on a daily basis. And when you're concerned about money, family, work, or our health, your nervous system goes into fight or flight mode and your body tenses up. Flowtrition supports your body in finding your natural state of well-being. Your stress might still be there, but your physical and emotional body will be able to handle it more effectively.

Promote your well-being and book a session. Flowtrition and my herds’ caring energy supports you in ways hard to describe, it must be felt. 

                                                                                                                    Please use the contact form below to book a session.



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If you want to know more about Jesse’s success story, it is a highlight in my book Pet Logic.

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