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We have the best intentions to slow down, to breathe more and stress less.
But it's hard to stay mindful consistently.

That's why I created simple, soothing, and supportive mindfulness courses online to help you stay a mindful path.


Virtual Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness Courses - Mind Full to mindful

“Take Your Life From Mind-Full to Mindful.” 
The 10 Mindful Practices online course is so worth your time.
And it only takes minutes for each practice to shift your life.

Let me explain: 
The world you know is run by your mind.

Knowledge is something we acquire as we grow and evolve. And, it helps us operate in a world filled with appointments, schedules, plans and ... anything else the mind takes care of. 

However, our mind is only one of our resources.
Through my work with horses and many other animals, I realized how important our body and instinct are to create a content and fulfilled life. 
When you connect with your body and instinct you instantaneously tap into a bucket filled with extra energy and wisdom. You immediately become calmer, and you move through life with ease and clarity.

If you’re looking for a simple way to reconnect all your valuable resources - body, mind and intuition - to create meaningful relationships, get your life on track, reduce stress, build  self confidence,  become guided by a new set of principles and supported by a handy decision making tool a.k.a. the   Mindful Connections Wheel … my online  course is for you.

Moving through the online course you'll . . .  

:: hone your intuition — attuning to subtle energetic shifts, non-verbal
    signals, and your own body-compass.
:: become a powerful listener, a precise + compassionate communicator 
   and a confident decision-maker.
:: be more effective and centered during stressful times 
    => more productive => take back time + energy.

This course doesn't require meditation; you simply spend about 15 minutes each practice reading or, if you prefer, listening to the Mindful Connections Practice you’ll find in your inbox. Before you know it you’ll re-connect with yourself - and your life - in a whole new way.

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“Take Your Life From Mind-Full to Mindful.”


improve relationships take the Mindful Connections Course
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Online Course + Personal Coaching






We all need support, very few of us truly thrive in isolation, and yet, we live in a world where we are more isolated today than ever before. Loneliness is at an all-time high and people are seeking a better way to end their needless suffering and connect with their best self.

If you're ready for an extra dose of mindful attention, I am here to provide some guidance and hand-holding for you. If only for a while.   

Mindful living doesn't mean that you have to get into an uncomfortable position and do 25 yoga poses. What it really means is that the body and mind settle in such a way that it allows you to see the world as it really is: beautiful, connected and whole.

If you're here, chances are you do not feel this way today.

Somewhere on your journey you lost your way. It may have been through a bad relationship or a challenging childhood. Perhaps you are stuck in a job you hate, or you have lost your vision of what your life is really meant to be.

Whatever your troubles, what I have found over the years is that mindful living means
de-cluttering the junk and noise and learning to pay attention to WHAT REALLY MATTERS: and that is you.

In our work, we'll tap into the wisdom of the horse and help you discover where you are stuck so you can break free from isolation, loneliness and pain

The way it works: every week (for 6 weeks) you receive a Mindful Connection Practice in your inbox. After taking it in, you and I follow up with a 30 minute phone or Skype coaching session. Together we will figure out how to shift your life back on track.

Invest in yourself and start living the extraordinary life you deserve.


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Suzanne Kingsbury Mindfulness Coaching

  Suzanne Kingsbury, author

Was on the wheel yesterday and it helped me make one of the hardest  decisions of the past seven years.

Online Course
Mindful Connections Course - Improve Decision making,Reduce Stress,Build Confidence,Solve Problems
improve relationships take the Mindful Connections Course

"I cannot begin to describe
how this practice has
impacted my life"
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