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The key to a deep connection is mindfulness. If you’re looking to improve communication between humans and animals, and develop a more compassionate, connected team, Nicole Birkholzer’s Mindfulness Speaker Talks are for you.

We’re a lot more like animals in a herd than you may think. Let’s dig into why my talks touch so many people…

Our animals reach out to us every day, showing us again and again, when we extend ourselves in mindful ways, mindfulness will find us as well. When we enter a mindful connections we can find inner peace, contentment with those around us, and ... understand how to run a profitable, compassionate business that supports others (whether those “others” are people or animals).

I offer three signature talks…

Talk 1 
For horse lovers:   "Meet Your (Therapy) Horse In The Now"
For pet lovers:        "Meet Your Newly Adopted Cat & Dog In The Now"

Animals want to connect, they want to be seen and treated as individuals and respected as our partners. And,  they’re looking to expand our consciousness.

In my signature 45 minute talk, I offer audiences a mindful perspective on relationships that are equally satisfying for you and the animal in your care. 

No matter if you work with horses, find forever homes for kittens, or groom dogs for a living, this talk is for you. Learning how to meet the animal in the now creates an opening to deepen your connection and improve communication.

Mindfulness Speakers Dog     Mindfulness Speakers CatMindfulness Speakers Horse

Talk 2
Meet Your Self In The Now -
5 Mindful Connections Principles Take You From Mind-Full To Mindful

Mindful living doesn't mean that you have to get into an uncomfortable position and do 25 yoga poses. What it really means is that the body and mind settle in such a way that it allows you to see the world as it really is: beautiful, connected and whole.

And if we listen to our body and intuition with genuine curiosity … we will know the way to a more fulfilling life.

Hiring Nicole and her mindfulness speakers team will enrich your next conference, big fundraiser, your annual meeting, or your volunteer appreciation event and light up your audience.

Through stories from the field (and lessons from the heart!) Nicole will share:
::  that listening to our body and intuition with genuine curiosity … leads  us to a more
    fulfilling life.
:: simple ways to improve communication with those around you
:: practical suggestions how to return to the present moment in the pasture, at home,
    work, and in your everyday life.

 Mindfulness Speakers Children Dancing

Talk 3
Creating A Mindful Culture -
5 MC Principles Take Your Organization From Mind-Full To Mindful

Turns out, your organization is it’s own herd. And as such, we can learn from animals how to bring a group of people, heading in unison, toward the same goal.

In a herd of wild horses, or a pack of wolves, each individual member has their unique talents and with that a role that adds to the benefits of the greater good.

As an expert in understanding herd mentality, I will talk about how you can bring all individuals in your organization to feel comfortable and confident in their skills and capabilities so their goals are fully aligned with the philosophy of your business.

As a result: communication improves and problems are solved within moments, allowing business to move forward like a well-oiled machine.

Mindfulness Speakers Horse Running            Mindfulness Speakers Pack Of WolvesMindfulness Speakers People At Conference Table

“I got even more great feedback after you left.
Lots of folks enjoyed your humor and what you had to share.
In the five years I've been doing the series and banquet, you are the best and
most popular speaker!”
 - S.S-F     

Mindfulness Speakers Nicole Birkholzer
photo: courtesy of Maureen Harmonay


Mindfulness Speakers Hire Nicole to Speak at your event

Audience participation is welcome + praised — and space for live Q+A is always included.

Hire me, and I’ll share with you and your audience mindful approaches to building meaningful connections with people, pets + oneself.

Fill out the contact form below, add a few lines about your organization, academic program or event so we Mindfulness Speakers Catcan hone in on the details: date, fees, travel arrangements. 
Assuming our schedules match up - I’ll be there.

Of course I will make special arrangements for non-profits.


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