A Mindfully Connected Organization
. . . it’s possible.

Animals can teach us how to bring a group of people, heading in unison, toward the same goal. In a herd of wild horses or a pack of wolves each individual member has their unique talents, and with that, a role that adds to the benefits of the greater good.

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Imagine the individuals in your organization comfortable and confident in their skills and capabilities, and their goals fully aligned with those of your organization. All individuals speak the same language, make decisions from the same principles and use the same process to come to mindful solutions.  As a result, communication improves, problems are solved within moments, and a mindful culture is established, allowing projects to move forward like a well-oiled machine

If that sounds like a fantasy, let me assure you, it isn't.
Mindful Connection Wheel Decision Making,Problem Solving and Stress Reduction Tool

In my signature 60 minute talk I'll share  how this fantasy can become your reality. 

For decades I have observed, analysed, and explored how animals express their needs, receive support from their herd or pack members, and develop meaningful relationships. Based on my findings I developed the mindful communication and decision – making tool called the Mindful Connections Wheel.

At the core of the Mindful Connections Wheel are 5 Mindful Principles that create a space in which mindful connections are created in an instant, while the 5-step decision making process keeps your organization moving forward.

As a result:

Stress levels fade

Communication is succinct

Time is saved

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Bring the Mindful Connections Wheel
to your organization.

Achieve goals mindfully through implementations of the
5 Mindful Connections Principles and reach mindful solutions through
the Mindful Connections Wheel — the only mindful Communication & Decision Making Tool.

Mindful Connections at the corporate meeting

Mindfulness begets mindfulness. 

A mindful approach becomes  contagious . . .  
positively affecting your team, customers,
partners,  and affiliates.

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