The Equine Inspired Retreat September, 10-13 2015


Equine Inspired Writing Retreat
in Marlboro, VT

facilitated by
Nicole Birkholzer and Suzanne Kinsgbury

September 10 - 13, 2015

Equine Inspired Writing Retreat Marlboro VTEquine Inspired Writing Retreat Marlboro VTEquine Inspired Writing Retreat Marlboro VTEquine Inspired Writing Retreat Marlboro VT

The Equine-Inspired (Gateless!) Writing Retreat.     

Are You Longing To:

Buoy yourself and your writing to new heights while experiencing unprecedented wholeness and bliss?

Discover the open page and the spirit of the horse as a conduit to higher consciousness?

Experience--perhaps for the first time--meeting another being through breath, mindful connection, compassion and empathy?

In this domain-changing, four day, equine-inspired writing retreat in the hills of southern Vermont, you will encounter the captivating power of the horse and will sail-- unbound and uncensored--on the open page.

As a result of this work, lives tend to open in miraculous ways. Participants undergo transformational shifts, find clarity around creative endeavors and career trajectories, heal intimate relationships and finally recognize the exceptional wisdom they alone can offer the world.


If you are in a season of your life where you long to deep dive into the magnificence that is your most creative self, if you are looking for an awe-inspiring adventure to break the spell of conditioning and overwhelm, if you want to shed that which no longer serves you and come home to the rhythm of who you truly are, please join us September 10th-13th, 2015 at my idyllic 
retreat  in Marlboro, Vermont. 
Accommodations are at the historic Colonial Williams Inn, set on nine acres, complete with hot tub and fireplaces.  Day rates are available for locals. Enrollment is limited to eight and is filling up very quickly, so hurry hurry!!  FYI (and perhaps to settle your mind!) - we will not be riding the horses.

Before you sign up, let me tell you about Suzanne ...

The moment I walked into the writing retreat Suzanne offered in Rhode Island a few years back, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Suzanne’s love for writers and their words was exactly what I needed. Her first feedback to my creative work touched me deeply. Though Suzanne didn’t know much about horses, she recognized that my writing about Cutter was more than a story about a horse - it was a story about two beings bonding in a way that opened a new world. I left the retreat certain I had to put my words out int the world on a larger scale. And I knew, with Suzanne, I had found a guide and partner who could help me to this. Five years later, my first book, Pet Logic, is about to launch.

Suzanne inspires writers to tap into the deep well of knowledge and perception available to all, exactly what I look for in a mentor and teacher. I am thrilled that by the time we’re offering our debut retreat in September, I will be a Gateless Writing Teacher, certified through Suzanne’s Gateless Writing Method.

Equine Inspired Writing Retreat Marlboro VT

Join us September 10th-13th, we can't wait for you to experience the freedom and ecstasy of Gateless writing, with the mind-blowing power of being in the presence of the horse.

For more information on cost, the inn, your day-to-day schedule please scroll down. 

 9/10  - Sunday 9/13

 5 pm Meet, greet + munch at
Nicole's mountain retreat in Marlboro, VT

9-12 am Equine Inspiration
12:30 pm Lunch  
2 - 5 pm Gateless Writing Salon
Dine where you please

9-12 am Gateless Writing Salon
12:30 pm Lunch  
2 - 5 pm Equine Inspired Inspiration
7 pm Group Dinner

9-11 am Gateless Writing Salon
11:30 Closing Ceremony with Animals
Noon Snack before you travel home

Investment $650
(payment in full, or $325 deposit is required upon registration)



Three miles/three minutes down the road is the beautiful Colonel Williams Inn.
The Innkeepers John and Nancy will help you get the best room rate.
They offer singles, doubles and even four-bed rooms.
All breakfast's, and Saturday night's dinner will be included in the room fee.

If you are local, come straight to Nicole's home in Marlboro each day. 
And, of course join us for Saturday night's dinner at your own cost.

To take a look at the rooms, click here.

To make your reservation, click here to contact John Marinaro at the Colonel Inn.  

Join us for a weekend of deep connection!