I believe horses can be great teachers.

But, all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons. We force when we ought to feel.
We whip when we ought to yield. Equine Inspired Coaching - Horse Herd On The RunWe struggle when we ought to partner.

We groom, rule + ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom
and profound intuition. Or our own, for that matter.

When we treat horses as our equals — our partner-beings + soul-companions — we can cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating with all living beings.

When we treat horses as our teachers — and sometimes, our willful students — we can experience true mindfulness: a state of being joyfully present, focused + aware.

Whether you’re a horse lover, or simply a lover of natural beauty, I’m here to help you catch a glimpse of a higher consciousness, a greater truth when you meet horses in the now.

Nicole, you hit the nail on the head with Phoenix. He's a different horse. He knows we heard him.

Equine Inspired Coaching

Equine Mindfulness Coaching

Once upon a time, you fell in love with horses.
You felt drawn to their warmth, their power, their liquid eyes + their gentle spirits.
You loved the freedom of riding — the liberated movement, the rush of wind in your hair.
The feeling of limitless momentum.

But over time, the practicalities of horsemanship — the grooming, the discipline issues and the communication blockades — started to strain your love affair.

Somehow the hard work took away the feeling of connection you first longed for.
But here’s the good news: there’s nothing wrong with your horse —and there’s nothing wrong with your heart.

Every relationship needs attention, nourishment + tender maintenance.
And your relationship with your horse is no different.

So... if your mare seem suddenly more energetic ... your gelding more distracted, your horse is suddenly not meeting you at the fence ...or ... is hard to catch ...
it might be time to tune in and meet your horse in the now.

Work with me - and your horse - and I’ll teach you how when you connect in the now the relationship with your horse changes in an instant.

Learn to see the world through your horses eye's, communicate effectively, and create a space where your horse is honored as your partner and soul-companion.

 Travel expenses may apply.
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Combine an Equine Inspired Coaching Session
With Flowtrition for Maximum Results

Add A Flowtrition Session - With Your Horse - At Your Barn

Your stress has many faces: multi-tasking, health crisis, money worries, riding accidents.
And your amazing nervous system helps you deal with stress, and your incredible body's holds the stress.  

Your horse's stress has many faces too: a new horse at the barn, being stalled, a challenging riding lesson, barking dogs, loud tractors, and injury.

As you can imagine, when both - you and your horse - come together, both nervous systems in fight or flight mode, you will not have the best connection.

During your Flowtrition session I will support you and your horse simultaneously. You will relax on a small treatment table, while your horse receives treatment hanging out in a stall or paddock at liberty.  Flowtrition can connect you and your horse deeply...physically, emotional and spiritually.

 Travel expenses may apply.
When you complete the PayPal transaction, please wait until the system refreshes and takes you to a page where you can book your coaching session time slot. 


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