Lots of people talk to animals.
Not very many listen, though. 
That's the problem.
- Benjamin Hoff,
author of The Tao of pooh and The Te of Piglet

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There’s nothing better than those special moments when our horse reads our thoughts, our dog listens to us, or our cat curls up on our lap ... seemingly aware we needed some extra kitty attention.

But, our reality is often different:MC Pet Course

:: The dog wants to play while we rush to get everyone out of the house.
:: The cat plops on our keyboard when we’re trying to get a project done.
:: And, the horse doesn't want to get caught in the pasture, while we have
   only 45 minutes left to groom and ride.

Suddenly, our animals add more stress to our already busy life, when we'd hoped it would be the other way around.

When our animals “speak” to us we are given a choice:
we can dismiss them as annoying and goofy or we can choose to stop… and listen.

Often, these furry and feathery ‘gurus and guides’ are simply reflecting back what’s going on in our life.

When we run on autopilot they see it as their job to trip us up,
lie on our keyboard, or become a ‘no show’ at the fence.
They make us aware that we’re physically available but not truly present.

And though we might get frustrated, they simply remind us to take a breath,
tune in to ourselves and start connecting with those around us.

Over and over they remind us to be present.


When we are present we can become mindful, and when we’re
mindful meaningful connections occur:

:: Your horse is not only at the gate, but you also understand why she
    doesn't like her new paddock mate.

:: Out of the blue even your feral cat is willing to get into the cat
    carrier without a problem.

:: And suddenly, you realize your dog’s goofy behavior was just his way of  
   showing you it’s time for you to lighten up.   

Being present is where it all begins. 

Are you ready to get present and let your pet take you to the next deeper level of connection? 


I wasn't ready for my first dog Amber when she came into my life 15 years ago. 

And, I questioned everything I did for her.

Back then, I had no idea that I could use my body to make more mindful decisions, and that listening to my intuition would help me communicate better.

Through the help of Amber and the other animals in my life, I developed the perfect tool to help me use my body, mind and intuition to better understand and communicate with my animals. I called the tool the Mindful Connections Wheel

By using the Mindful Connections Wheel, I learned to tune in to my kitty, dog, and horse and was shown a world nothing short of miraculous.

As a result, we build deeper connections and moved forward with more clarity and trust.

To share with you the wisdom, Amber and the rest of my furry companions have provided me with, I created the 10 Mindful Connections Online Course "Take your Life from Mind-Full to Mindful". 

In 6 short weeks, I teach you how to still your mind, and ignite your body and intuition. Each week you have the opportunity to share your insights and experiences on the MC Forum. 

You'll be surprised how easy it is, and how quickly you'll connect more mindfully with your furry friend

Take your life from mind-full to mindful.
You'll feel better ... and so will your dog, cat, horse, or cockatoo!

Here is what Kathie had to say: "... OMG ...that was so helpful, engaging and fun … to sit with you (online) reading, watching, listening!!! Love the listening! Such a seamless journey to navigate ... and how you help me to develop mindful habits is genius. And I can already see the difference in my cats and my dog. They’re more responsive because I am more present!!!

Our pets are gurus and guides, here to help us live fulfilled, extraordinary lives. Want to know how?
Take a look at the article, Video and Podcast below.


We just bought a new farm, and I had to move my 6 cats 2 miles down the road to the farm.  Two of my outdoor cats are notoriously hard to catch, having been feral cats for the first 8 weeks of their life.  So I did what you had suggested at your last workshop, I opened up the carrier and used your approach of asking. I told Addie where we were going, and that I needed her to get into the carrier. I did mention that we were not going to the vet. And zip – in she went!  Later on, the same thing worked with her sister, Dell. So, I thought you’d be amused to know that “Nicole Birkholzering” is now a verb around here, and your particular brand of magic is working wonders for my kittens.

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