The Mindful Connections Wheel 
It's round, it's 7 inches, it's 2-sided & printed on recycled paper.
One side shows the Mindful Connections Wheel with its 5 Steps.

The other side got the 5 Mindful Connections Principles, 
each explained in more detail. 

Put it on the fridge, your mirror, your desk or laptop 
to remind you to 
take your life from mind-full to mindful.


Before you get shopping ... you might want to grab two or three MC Wheels,
or ... however many sisters, nephew, mother's and best friends you have.
Let the Mindful Connections Wheel speak to them.

BUY NOW - Only $5/each shipped directly to you, in the 48 Continental US States

BUY NOW - Outside the US Only $8.00/each

And yes, we offer a laminated version for health care providers.
Matter of fact, that's a great choice for all that share their Mindful Connections Wheel with other people. 
That way it's wipe-able!

BUY NOW - Only $7/each laminated, shipped directly to you, in 48 Continental US States

BUY NOW - Outside the US Only $10/each, laminated

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Mindful Connections Course - Improve Decision making,Reduce Stress,Build Confidence,Solve Problems
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"I cannot begin to describe
how this practice has
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