Making Mindful Connections Has Changed Lives

"I had lost my confidence and myself. I was a wife, a caregiver, a stepmother, and a boss but exactly who was I? I felt like no one listened to me anymore and I’d reached the point where I could no longer express what I wanted to say. I was incredibly self-conscious and my communication skills totally shut down. Then I began working with Nicole and the horses. There is an honest, sincere trust and beauty with these animals. They don’t care who you are, what you do, or what you look like. There is a unique bond between you and the horse. Somehow they were able to draw out feelings I did not know were there or feelings I had lost altogether. The horses responded to my strength and made me believe in myself again.
I learned to express myself in ways that were much clearer. My personal strength grew and I was much more confident. It has been a wonderful and personally fulfilling experience for me." 

Hannah, Insurance Broker

"Frustrated with the state of my day job and my lifestyle (gross indulgence in food and alcohol), I visited with Nicole and Shana and Cutter to determine a strategy to make a change for the better. The horses were extremely interactive with me; Nicole communicated their demeanor and asked me questions to shape the session. The result? Get back to the gym and physical activity. Nicole also said in parting: "act on it and let’s see what comes about with the shift in energy." 

The following week I signed up at a gym, researched a diet and implemented it, dwindled alcohol consumption to one night per week. Within 2 weeks my day job came to an abrupt and horrible end. The shift? Uncanny! I completed a revision of a memoir manuscript, some of the best writing I’ve ever done and banged out a 5,000-word essay. And, I’m down over 15 pounds and feeling much more confident. Thanks, Nicole! "
Lisa Mae DeMasi - Project Manager, Author
"It is amazing how the Wheel helps with the most minute 
and the most monumental challenges."

Stephanie Sanders, publisher 

"Was on the wheel yesterday and it helped me make one of the hardest
  decisions of the past seven years..."

  Suzanne Kingsbury, author

"I cannot begin to describe how this practice has impacted my life. I believe I am moving in a direction I have longed for, and now find wonderful things on my path. The Mindful Connections practice has, in a simple, yet quite profound way, offered me tools that created shifts in each of the practices. The amazing thing is that it was not pressured, labor intensive, hard, or something to feel obligated to do in a prescribed time. I was able to allow these practices unfold in my life, with all the other things that were going on, as I could, in my own time, so I was able to personalize the process. I learned to appreciate and trust my own sense of timing, knowing that it was working within me and creating these shifts. I am ever so grateful for this opportunity.

I wish many blessings to Nicole for creating this wheel, for her insights, and her willingness to share this valuable tool with others.

With love and in peace,"

Fran Freeman, speech therapist 
"... omfrickenword ...that was so helpful, engaging and fun to sit with you (online) reading, watching, listening!!! Love the listening!
I'm so happy and excited for you to share the MC Wheel with the world! What a seamless journey to navigate... How you help me to develop mindful habits is genius. Now I know how I can stay actively engaged in the daily practice of mindfulness. Feels like giving myself permission to lay down my "burdens " and be. I'm curious as I roll with the wheel, on how it will guide me with realities like depression. Thanks for sharing xo Can't wait!"
Mother of two
"The practices speak truth, are clear and simple. The "take action" practice perfectly describes this very important concept in a gentle and caring way.  
I hope people jump on the opportunity to take your course and find the value as I have. It provides a framework to put into place the maxims for living a mindful life.
Thank you for taking the time to put this course together. And I love it that I have access to them so I can listen or read them over and over. "
Donald Freeman, pain management consultant
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"I cannot begin to describe
how this practice has
impacted my life"
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