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The Therapy Horse - Your Trusted Co-Facilitator

When we make the choice to work with horses as co-facilitators we combine our love for horses with a purposeful job. And while we have the best intentions to BE with our wise equine partners, the reality of the job often overtakes the connection we seek.

That's why I created a simple, soothing, and supportive online course to help you stay connected with your equine co-facilitator while offering him mindful support.
Plus, you will receive CE credits by taking this course.


Virtual Therapy Horse Course

Meet Your Therapy Horse In The Now

This course speaks from the horse's point of view. It reminds us why we love horses so much, and what we can do to make their lives more meaningful while working with us.

I created this fun and inspiring online course for you, so you can offer your therapy horse a long and happy career at your program. 

Gain new perspectives, and discover a world that goes far beyond any of the literature and training available. Approaching your therapy horses with these new insights will transform your relationship with all horses in an instant. 

As you move through the online course . . .  

:: You’ll learn to see the world through your horse's eyes — and experience  your own
    life through a beautiful new lens.

:: You’ll become a powerful listener, a precise + compassionate communicator and a
    confident decision-maker.

:: You’ll receive hands-on practices to support your equine co-facilitators, plus ideas how
    to integrate the practices into your lesson/sessions.

Simply spend about 10 minutes reading through the Mindful Connections Tips, put them into practice, and get inspired on your mindful journey with your equine partner. 
(By taking part in this online course and putting it into practice you acquire 3 CE's toward the PATH instructor certification.)

Take the course from home and have access for an entire year to the material!
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