Children have a direct line to the Pet Kingdom.  
They don't think about connecting ... they just are. 

Youth Education

Horses can be great teachers.
But all too often, we ignore their greatest lessons.
We groom, rule + ride with a disciplined mind — but we fail to honor their ancient wisdom + profound intuition. 

But ... when we treat horses as our partner-beings + soul-companions —
we experience a connection that is nothing short of magical.

As a young girl in Germany, horses were my playmates, my confidantes, and my peers.
I felt more like ‘myself’ in their company than with most human beings.

Did I talk to my horses? Of course.
Did they talk back? Most definitely.

But, over the years, I forgot how to connect in this carefree way with horses. 
I learned how to ride them and care for them, but missed the bliss-full bond I had with horses when I was younger.

The more frustrated I got, the more I realized it was time to stop 'training' and 'teaching' and 'making' my horses do things, and instead ... take a breath and observe what my horses had to teach me. 

When I got present and listened, my horses, and many horses across the country, showed me how to connect with them more deeply than ever before. At that point, I experienced the magic of being mindfully connected.

If you are the leader of a  4-H group, a Pony Club, or an organization that educates youth about animals, I would love to share how you and your group can maintain that magical connection for the rest of your life.

Through stories from the field (and lessons from the heart) I’ll share practical ways to surrender control + return to the present moment — in the pasture, in the barn, and in our everyday lives. I’ll introduce the art of active listening + mindful communication, and touch upon the difference between dominating your horse and setting productive boundaries.

Audience participation is welcome + praised — and space for live Q+A is always included.

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